Why Roadses
whyrosesRoad Safety and Emergency Services (RoSES) is a not-for-profit registered Trust involved in critical activities pertaining to Road Safety. Road Safety initiatives, in general, pertain to Five E’s: Education, Enforcement, Engineering, Environment and Emergency Care.
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About Us

why Roses? In spite of the fact that road safety has been a matter of concern voiced at levels such as the United Nations, international fora like the G-20, governments, organisations and individuals, campaigns to enhance awareness, eliminate accidents and


Our Mission

Millions of human lives are snuffed out or adversely impacted owing to neglect of road safety norms and requirements.  The success of road safety strategies depends upon a broad base of support and common action from all stakeholders. RoSES aims


RoSES  conducts various kinds of programmes aimed at achieving its mission: Workshops with students at all levels. These workshops include awareness-creation activities through films, theatre workshops, film-making, short walks, rallies, training games, emergency care inputs, etc. Over 150 such workshops

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